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charmed_snark's Journal

Bitter Charmed Fans
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This community is for Charmed fans who are bitter about what has become of the show. We miss the days of sisterly interaction, character development, and decent writing. Expect snarky reviews of badly written episodes. There might even be some praise (especially of older episodes).

Feel free to post random reviews of any kind. Snark, complain about, or even praise the show if you feel like it. You're welcome to post pictures, articles and spoilers as well. Icons also welcome.


1. If you are going to post pictures or spoilers, put them behind a cut-tag. Failure to put spoilers behind a cut-tag will result in a banning from the community.

2. If you want to snark or complain about anything related to the show, that's fine. Please do not treat fellow posters rudely. Some may still love the things you hate.

3. Don't be offended if someone posts something about the show that you disagree with. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Friendly debates are welcome.

4. Please do not type in AOL speak. That is severely frowned upon. It isn't that hard to spell out words like are, you, and to.

5. Please do not advertise other communities without permission from the moderators.

Moderators: absolutesnark and kajivar